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Are you looking for apartment interior design ideas? Whether you have a 2BHK or a 3BHK apartment in Bangalore, TASA has got you covered. Various aspects are there for an apartment interior design, including decorating ideas, furniture selection, color schemes, flooring options, and more, which are explorable and suitable for the particular apartment.  When it comes to apartment interior design in Bangalore, one of the first things to consider is the layout. Depending on the size and number of bedrooms, you can choose between 2BHK or 3BHK apartments. Each layout offers different possibilities for designing your dream home.

Apartment Interior Designer in Bangalore

Let’s start with the apartment interior design of living room. The living room is the heart of any apartment, where you spend most of your time entertaining guests or relaxing with your family. To create a cozy and inviting space, consider opting for a modern apartment interior design and warm and neutral color schemes that complement the furniture and enhance the overall ambiance.

Speaking of furniture, selecting the right pieces is crucial for 2BHK apartment interior design. Furniture that is both functional and stylish, can flourish space-saving options like multi-functional sofas or coffee tables with storage compartments.

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Lighting & Color Schemes

Lighting plays a significant role in apartment interior design. Proper lighting can make the apartment look more spacious and inviting for a 2BHK interior designer in Bangalore. Installing a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting is considerable to create a layered effect. Aspects like pendant lights, floor lamps, or wall sconces can highlight specific areas or artworks.

Color schemes can completely transform the look and feel of the apartment. Opting for light and neutral tones can make the space appear larger and brighter. Pops of color can be added through accessories like cushions, rugs, or artwork.

Flooring & Storage Solutions

Flooring options are another essential aspect of 3 BHK apartment interior designer in Bangalore . Depending on one’s preferences and budget choices arise from a variety of options such as hardwood, laminate, vinyl, or tiles. Factors like the durability, maintenance & aesthetic appeal of each flooring type, are considerable before making a decision for 3BHK interior designer in Bangalore.

Storage solutions are crucial for apartment living. With limited space, it’s essential to make the most of every corner. Smart storage solutions like built-in wardrobes, under-bed storage, or wall-mounted shelves can be installed, which will help keep the belongings organized and minimize clutter.

Organization tips & outdoor spaces

Organization tips are also handy when it comes to apartment interior design. Tips like storage bins, dividers, or baskets help in keeping things in order. Utilize vertical space by installing hooks or racks for hanging coats, bags, or keys. Implementing small organizational hacks like these creates a significant difference in your daily life.

Outdoor spaces like Apartment balconies design can create a cozy outdoor retreat if you plan for a 2BHK interior design  and a 3BHK interior designer in Bangalore. One can add outdoor space options like comfortable seating, potted plants, and string lights to create a calm and relaxing ambiance.

If you’re considering a renovation, you can consider apartment renovation ideas that can add value and improve the functionality of your space. From updating the kitchen cabinets to installing new bathroom fixtures, there are endless possibilities to transform your apartment into a stylish and functional home.


When there is less mess, the space promptly looks greater. Recall how large the house looked before you moved in with every one of your assets? You can accomplish this by concealing your assets away from spaces. Instead of getting massive cupboards, ask your planner/creator to make in-constructed units for you, fitted into divider specialties. You can also pick corner cupboards that don’t highlight in the vitally friendly regions. Make sure to paint them similar shades as your divider to assist them with mixing in.


You don’t need to give up all that is exceptional. However, sort your stuff into various boxes going from your most to least-loved things. Like this, you can cleanse your home of irrelevant things and keep your home perfect and clean.

2 BHK Interior Designer in Bangalore

A modern 2 BHK apartment interior designer in Bangalore with an ideal blend of shadings, surfaces, and style, provides a prosperous living confrontation. The utilization of wood lends warm energy to the space, while the emphasize dividers and furniture add a fly of shading to these urban lofts.

An advanced front room with white dividers and white marble flooring with a lovely couch can make you feel good and energetic. The oak completed wooden framing on the wall, a beautiful divider painting, an indoor plant, and pendant lights join the look together and loan warm energy to the whole ambiance. The measured kitchen in white and beige accompanies an apparatus carport, oil pull-outs, and metal handle cupboards.

Imagining another person’s fantasy and accomplishing its turn is an uncommon ability. Since it’s a less discovered strength with numerous inside plan firms, clients do endless supply of such an execution. Stress no more! We offer a one-stop answer for your quest for apartment interior design in Bangalore. We exceptionally qualified imaginative group endeavors to transform your home into a clean house with the perfect blend of Oomph, warmness, and solace.

It is essential to think about apartment interior design to make your apartment look good and presentable when buying an apartment.


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