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We all understand the importance of having fully furnished bedrooms, with designs and patterns putting our mind and soul at ease, especially after plugging away at work. Different techniques are running through the mind of interior designers, and we lay them out for you in this article.

Interior Design

Bedrooms hold quite a lot of significance, for it provides us with a space to unwind ourselves and relax until the next day hits. There are a handful of interior designs to ginger up your bedroom area and make it look fly.


Slung Design, this ultra-sleek design has taken the hearts of homeowners by storm. These low platform beds swiftly make their way up with their soothing and little to no intricate additions. Not to mention that upon drenching it in luxury shaggy plush beddings, it would look much antiquated. 

Installing sliding doors can make entering the home more accessible and look comfortably appealing to the eyes. 


Another design that is likely to have your breath taken away is putting up modern wall sconces in lustrous copper. An accent chair can be added to this scheme to create an even more dramatic look. 


After the bed, the most sought-after object in any room is inarguably the fan. The job doesn’t stop there, as mentioned. Get unique ceiling fans affixed to the roof to nullify the temperature outside. The beauty of your ceiling fan can make the room go from 4 to 10 within seconds, as fans are an essential decor item besides bedroom pendants or hanging lights. 


The room that happens to be relatively more minor may be challenging to bring the fun element out. However, the introduction of statement bedroom wall clocks with unparalleled design can certainly make up for the size.

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Bedroom Interior Design in Bangalore

When it comes to having a room jacked up with peculiar and quirky items, bedroom interior design in Bangalore comes to our minds, for it offers varied interior design ideas.

As you cast around for designs, you come across these modern bedroom designs with faux brick wall design, giving the whole space a much rural and urban kick. Such methods have made a comeback, as more and more people are falling back to an industrial and slightly rustic touch. One can opt for this design if one likes to stay connected to the roots. 


One may barrel towards other installations and objects without sparing much time on the painting process, which is certainly not the wisest decision. Choosing colors that soothe the soul and pitches away negative aura is significant. Quite a few color combinations are stealing the attention, with the best being yellow and grey. Yellow color is the source of enthusiasm, energy, sunshine, and hope, while grey represents neutrality. Spending most of our time in the bedroom running around and just giving ourselves a much-needed respite can certainly, at times, lead to thoughts in which we generally do not want to get involved. With such a combination of hope and moody colors, it is sure to change up your mundane life. 

“Every room tells a story. Let yours speak of elegance, comfort, and a reflection of your unique style.”

2 BHK interior design

Choosing the design in fits and parts can be pretty tiring to put oneself through voluntarily, so 2 BHK interior designthat is, designing everything all together, seems much more plausible.

2 BHK design includes pitching on the favorite kitchen design, whether you want the garden variety or the innovative modular ones. Hall designs also play a crucial role in giving the apartment a fresh and desired look.



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15, 11th Cross Rd, near ICICI ATM, Banjara Layout, Horamavu Agara, Horamavu, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043

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