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TASA is best interior designers in bangalore. We provide exclusive services that include various kinds of modular kitchen designer, wardrobes, TV unit, pooja unit, cots, dining table, sofa set, false ceiling, shower cubicles, shoe rack, wooden flooring, painting, electrical and electronic appliances, railings and aluminum fabricators, plumbing, marble and granite laying, and more. We have years of invaluable hands full of experience that always inspires us to serve our clients with dedication, integrity, innovation and passion. Our mission is to create interior designs that serve our clients purpose to the maximum. Our clients absolute satisfaction is the ultimate reward for us. Thanks to our gifted professional carpenter & interior designer

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Our Interior Design Services

TASA Interior Designeris full of interior designideas, in love with design and strong in implementation. We plan and design interior design projects in the catering and hotel industry and a large number of happy customers have already benefited from our more than 30+ years of experience. With our responsible team of planners, designers, technicians and project developers, we combine tradition with state of the art.

WE specialize in Interior designing timelessly beautiful spaces in collaboration with my customers. Professionalism and reliability are essential from our Interior design & decorating company in Bangalore. In every project, my art education is a source of unconventional thinking and my sense of organization is the driving force for a smooth project flow.Bring home beautiful interiors, designed by the best interior designers in Bangalore. Hassle-free interiors.

Due to my roots in Indian’s and South Indian’s culture, it is clear to me how the nature of an institution can reflect personality, values and living environment. Thanks to this understanding, I have a versatile vocabulary for working with architectural spaces and their furnishings. These personal memories help me to select and explore possibilities for my customers, to develop a design whose identity corresponds to them or to discover them through our cooperation.

Project Farmhouse Extension

The clients had the wish to design a modern, friendly facility for their house on the outskirts of Bangalore. Lively and informal, the interior design relates the rustic architectural style of the existing building to the modern architecture of the extension. To do justice to the varied family life, we found surprising and at the same time functional solutions. Find Reliable & Affordable Interior Designers in Bangalore City.Natural materials and color nuances determine the concept, we use bold yellow as a highlight color. According to the family's wish to create an individual and comfortable atmosphere, a clear design language runs through the entire concept. A well thought out zoning of the open space allows spontaneity and makes it the perfect place for large family celebrations after the redesign.

The kitchen is in a former porcelain factory. After redesigning, real-time work for several cooks has become possible. The massive, centrally positioned kitchen Bangalore rests elegantly on tapered furniture feet and serves as a work surface, storage space and workplace. The white marble slab is an original family heirloom, which was included in the design to underline the traditional and personal style of the client. The design goal of this open modular kitchen was to emphasize the eclectic collection of antique furniture in the adjacent rooms. Selected objects from different historical periods, American bookcases and contemporary works of art respectfully coexist here next to a kitchen that celebrates the tradition of culinary art in its noble way.

TASA Interior Designers project

From an old building near the TASA Interior Designer, a home was created with a separate living unit for the children. The briefing had several key points: the interior design should have the charm of a luxurious hotel and coordinated room concepts in different styles were desired. There should be enough space to receive guests and there should also be zones for retreat and relaxation. Based on this briefing, the apartment was completely renovated. I developed the furniture with different craftsmen so that functionality and design can form a unit. Personalization enabled the high-quality equipment to be tailored to the needs of the family. The result is an interior in contemporary elegance with elements from the Viennese tradition - of the highest quality.

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TASA Interior Designer - interior designer, interior design, interior design with offices in Bangalore.

Luxury Interior Designers & Interior Decorators in Bangalore

We are your interior designers in Bangalore. If you are looking for the ideal and personally tailored interior for apartment, apartment, shop, office or hotel, we will be happy to assist you in defining and designing it. Your personal needs are the measure of all things - with a lot of empathy and our interior design know-how, we translate what you need into impressive interiors.Get trending, innovative and personalized home interior designs to match your lifestyle.

Take A Look, We Are Happy To Work For You Too!

Understanding, attentive, experienced, impartial, imaginative, willing to make decisions, imaginative, woman-looking, solution-oriented, passionate, reliable, passionate, stylish, structured, competent, interdisciplinary and tasteful.

A free initial consultation in our office is used to get to know each other. We want to find out who you are, how you think, what you like and what is important in order to explore the possibilities that can arise for you and your property as part of interior planning.

Listen openly, organize ideas, clarify needs, search for and find solutions.

This is our strategy, with which we develop our designs organically based on your life, your habits and working methods. So that the rooms that we open up to you with our work, in everyday use, meet those needs that you personally place on living.

Full Program or Detailed Work?

Our TASA interior design concepts for apartments, houses, offices, shops and hotels range from floor plan and furniture planning to detailed lighting planning and fine-tuning of colors and materials. Of course, we are also happy to take on the complete selection, coordination, control and handling for you. If you only want a partial aspect of our entire range of services, you are also welcome - we not only work reliably, but also tailor-made and flexible.

We spend most of our lives in buildings. Our spatial environment thus decisively determines our well-being and our life. It is therefore particularly important to design your own living space and work place.

Private Living

Whether kitchen, bathroom or living area - with a lot of experience and sensitivity, we design room solutions and interiors for apartments, houses and vacation domiciles. We work with individual made-to-measure items, design objects from international collections or unique vintage items - each time different but always with the aim of offering the ideal space for your lifestyle.

Living areas are probably the most individual room tasks, because they tell a lot about well-being and what the life plans of the people who live in them look like. As interior decoratorsin Bangalore, we have designed one-room lofts in immense dimensions that spread the entire life on one level; elsewhere have drawn the orderly family living with clear spatial structures from several bedrooms; Single living boxes designed, whose multifunctional usage areas skillfully nest into each other and highest floorwith several terrace levels placed on existing houses. Our Bangalore Interior designers are always more interested in the use of space than in size. We deliberately ask what the rooms must be able to do for you personally before we start thinking about what they will look like.Completehome interior solutions under one roof. Walk into our store & find your style.

Core Competencies

The medium "space" is the core of our work as interior designers. The interior design concepts of TASA Interior Designer are based on an analysis of the given rooms and their functional and aesthetic qualities. Based on this knowledge, we play for you with the complete interior design vocabulary.

Since 1990 we have been developing interior design concepts for private and public areas, for shops, office and business premises, hotels, restaurants and trade fair appearances. The development and integration of individual areas such as kitchen, bathroom, wellness, living room or other interiors is also part of our portfolio. We consider every task in a holistic context and offer interior design concepts that are thought through to the smallest detail. We take over all planning steps from the analysis of individual customer needs to the handover of the finished project.

“There is no past, no present and no future. There is only what you make of it. Design is a process without beginning and without end, a field of great curiosity, a store of ideas. We move in this creative environment - somewhere between the old and the new. We are looking for the innovative that seems familiar to us, for the provocation that affects us and for the functional seriousness that makes us laugh. We work with emotions and all senses. Customer needs, technical hard facts and aesthetic qualities are harmonized step by step in the design process. The essence of this process is the product - concentrated, reduced, distilled. We call it by our name."

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Welcome to TASA Interior Designers - Luxury Interior Design Company in Bangalore

Leading Best & Luxury Interior designers in Bangalore for your home needs

Our Luxurious Interior design is a job that requires an excellent knowledge of decoration styles, materials and the specificity of structures. TASA Interiors is a full-service Interior Design Company based in Bangalore City, founded and run by Luxury Interior Design Company in Bangalore. The firm takes on Home, Office, Commercial and Residential projects to create outstanding interiors to fill their clients. Walk in for a free design consultation today. Co-create home designs with a dedicated interior designer.

Best company for interior design in Bangalore. Design & execution by experts. 7000+ completed projects, 20 Years of experience with high quality finishing.

Designs as per Budget. 3D Modelling of Designs. Delivery in 45 days.

TASA is composed of Luxury InteriorDesign Company benefiting from many years of experience to transfer your spaces sustainably. Able to imagine the best arrangements for your interiors of houses and villas, they will adapt to your expectations while advising you on the solutions most appropriate to your situation.

The commitment of your Luxury Interior Design Company in BangaloreFor each of our Interior design and decorative services in Bangalore, the arrangement of volumes, the choice of resources, colors, furniture and equipment is carefully studied before being presented to our customers.

In order to guarantee the best results, we pay the same attention to the selection of our masons, painters, carpenters, kitchen designers, etc…We help you to expect and plan all the stages of your scheme. FromTASA Interiors the Luxury Interior Design Company in Bangalore makesyour budget to be predicted, we support you in the creation of your interior style.

Beyond the simple decoration, the objective of Interior Design Company in Bangalore is to create a space and an environment that look like you. We build together anappropriate design and a personalized living environment. TASA interior designers compose your interior in a tuneful, balanced and creative way.

Architects and Interior Designers in Bangalore

Our Architects and interior Designers in Bangaloreinfluences from all over the India have made Bangalore a privileged place, where well-known thinkers, dreamers, artists and architects where met in TASA interiors in Bangalore. A factual melting pointing is our art.

It is this pricelessculture that Architects and interior Designers in Bangalorehave to reserve and enrich. To work in Interior Designing in the Bangalore is to take the responsibility to give the best of one while transportingforever an innovative aspect to customers that will bring a corner stone to the group of TASA interiors architecture.

Yet choosing an Architects and interior Designers in Bangalore that resembles you may seem a difficult choice to select the interiors, particularly we know how much it influences your lives, everybody knows that an ordered and well-arranged house allows one to have a peaceful mind, in the same way, a house that is properly Architect and interiors resembles us and that is tunefully decorated will makes an perfect living space for an personal and emotional level.

Our Interior Designers in Bangalore have the ability to innovate andchallenge to create indoor spaces that are out of the ordinary methods and which says that a reflection of their origin of the world, working in Architects and interior Designers in Bangaloreis to have the flavor for risk, making from the liberty this involves.

TASA Interiors in Bangalore where can you find a more inclusive expression than in the food? Our Designers to make a competition with it and to express their art.

Interior Designers in Bangalore

The TASAbest Interior designers in Bangalorehave a good reputation throughout the India; and the team of TASA Interiors does not deviate from their own rules in Industry. Ainternational team composed of very different characters and personalities from all four corners of the country, Our TASA Interior designers in Bangalore have one thing in common they are their requirement for excellence and things well done. This philosophy and the continuous search for excellence, makes the TASA Interior Designers team highly competent in the domain of Interior designers in Bangaloreand their desire to create outstanding Interiors in modern, contemporary and more classical and traditional style in the industry.

TASA Interior Design Company established in Bangalore, TASA is improved by these two very different situations and environment each one ringing with their typical history and tactic to style and creativity in the Interior field. Our customer likes to take the best of both to them.By Depending on Interior space and Type of property.

Interior Design in Bangalore the goal is to play with the spaces, portable equipment’s, colors, objects, but also with the nature of the client, in order to consider and develop a space of life. Interior Designer in Bangalorecreatesafamiliar place reflecting the customer’s personality and desires of the clients in an interior design within which it can progress naturally.

Interior design always wins a professional and creates a comfortable and productive workplace. Certainly, the beginning of interior design in our way of life plays a main role with our emotions.

Interior Decorators in Bangalore

TASA Interior Decorators in Bangalore has surrounded with a team of leading interior decorators in Bangalore to make your spaces creative, unique, pleasant, original, inspired, artistic and outstanding. As true thinkers in interior industry, our designers have a range of knowledge that how to make a styles and unique creation of Interior Decoration in Bangalore, from standard to modern while recollecting the memories of creative life.

Interior Decorators Vision has a detailed attention. Because every detail counts, our Interior Decorators in Bangalore will be able to suggest to customer’s to select the original decoration solutions, considering the spreading of the environment space as well as making arrangement of other elements by interior decorations, Highlighting the creation of unique final style to your surroundings. Interior Frames, paintings, figures, pots and cups, bouquets, lightings, floorings, beanbags, etc., all these items are nominated to create a delicate atmosphere to clients.

Quality of Our Interior Designers and Suppliers in Interior Decoration in Bangalore. It is also thanks to our teamwork with famous Interior Decorators that we are able to safeguard and guarantee the finest choices and products that will long stand by your daily usage for your interior design project. From materials, covers, lightings, furniture and excellent decorative items to our customers and we offer our clients a part of the tradition of Indian interior works.

For more than 20 years, TASA Interior Decorators in Bangalore has carried out numerous Interior decorators’ projects for individual Houses, Apartments, Villas and professionals like Commercial office space, particularly in Bangalore. We put all our knowledge to use make a creative and best choices to our clients.

Benefit From Our Know-how

We Are The Bridge Between Vision And The Realization

If the dream of having your own restaurant or cool bar has been around for a long time, we are the right companion. We would be happy to advise you on which location is suitable and what needs to be considered in general. We also have the know-how on how projects can also be economically successful.

We are happy to be of assistance as an experienced partner in these initial considerations. Together we work out target groups, question the product portfolio and logistics, assist with administrative procedures, help with questions about rental contracts and give your concept the finishing touches.

The combination of our experience of over 1500+ projects a year and the knowledge we have gained since 1990 are our secret recipe from which you can only benefit.

  • • Site Evaluation
  • • Budget Calculation
  • • Project Development
  • • Target Group Analysis
  • • Efficiency Optimization
  • • Workshops
  • • Concept Development
  • • Assortment Consideration
  • • Strengths And Weaknesses Analysis
  • • Accompanying Tenancy Agreements
  • • Installation License
  • • Administration Channels

Interior Architecture & Design

TASA Interior Designer is an interior architecture and design studio founded by Sunil, based in Bangalore.

We work on a wide range of scales and typologies offering interior architecture and design as well as product and furniture design and styling for retail, hospitality and residential projects. We aim to create unique spatial experiences and individual design solutions. We believe that our expertise and commitment paired with our individual approach and sense for composition, detail and material make us stand out.

We cater to local and international clients, to projects of varying types and scales.

TASA Interior Designer was founded by Sunil. We create distinctive interiors with a unique atmosphere.

  • • With our passion for exceptional room solutions and our uncompromising craftsmanship, we create functional interiors that appeal to all the senses.
  • • Our service includes the entire planning, starting with the analysis of individual customer needs up to the handover of the ready-to-move project.
  • • We develop individual room concepts for private and commercial rooms.
  • • Our focus is on the interior design of private living spaces, hotels, offices as well as offices, shops and in the catering trade.
  • • With our experience of comprehensively understanding architecture and interior design, we achieve well-thought-out concepts that work in every detail.

TASA Interior Designer has been working in Bangalore for almost 20 years after extensive training and international projects in the area of interior design. The company specializes in very close and individual customer cooperation in the form of comprehensive details, performance and project relationships in interior design and furnishing advice. Home staging to support the resale of real estate is also becoming increasingly important. TASA Interior Designer is concerned with the fact that the fundamental concerns, the aesthetic and functional needs of your clientele, with their support, broad experience and empathy, are formulated and implemented.

Quality in detail, a good process organization, a wide range of services and offers within the framework of excellent professional networks and an international variety of suppliers for a wide and very individual product range are components of a reliable cooperation with our customers.

TASA Interior Designer takes on interior design projects and furnishing advice in the private and corporate sector, depending on the size, throughout Germany. The company is based in Bangalore. In addition, we support creative start-ups who want to implement particularly original solutions in a tight budget.

What Makes Us Special:

  • • We are a small but all the more personal company and thus ensure that we adapt individually to your requirements in all matters of taste, style, quality and service. For us, every project has this independence.
  • • We are a full-service agency: from the development of the task to the final implementation and furniture, you get everything from a single source.
  • • We optimally adapt to existing budget requirements in terms of advice and implementation.
  • • You have a clear overview of the overall process, the schedule, the costs and the status at all times of the project.

End-to-End Interior Design Solution with 5000+ Homes Served in Bangalore. Enquire Now!

Designs That Make A Good Impression

Design See And Feel

Together we want to think outside the box, polarize and offer what motivates guests to come back. The feeling for a harmonious interplay of form, color and material is our recipe for a successful atmosphere in the company. We offer design and creativity in a striking variety through trend trips that sometimes take us to the last corners of the earth, material scouting and market observation.

In our designs, we pay particular attention to the kitchen as the central location of the apartment. After all, it is the linchpin of family life, the place where we meet, tell stories, celebrate children's birthdays, stage candlelight dinners and the most exciting party discussions take place. Whether you are a fan of the classic fitted kitchen, have always dreamed of a free-standing kitchen block, find open shelves great or prefer to hide your kitchen chaos behind style fronts - we play skillfully with the complete kitchen vocabulary and thereby provide many traditional furnishings Concept upside down.

Touching allowed! Material samples of fabrics, wallpaper, wood and sample pieces on chairs or lamps give ad hoc a good feeling of the future spatial effect of a project.

  • • Design Studies
  • • Spatial Analysis
  • • Views & Perspectives
  • • Material Sampling
  • • 3d Visualizations
  • • Color Concepts
  • • Mood Boards
  • • Decoration Suggestions
  • • International Fairs
  • • Trend Travel

Color And Material Concept

Colors have an immediate effect on the room and the mood. Good interior design planning knows how to apply these principles correctly. If you want to use a little more color, it is helpful to find the right color combination together. The other way around, a neutral color palette can also create an interesting room atmosphere using different materials and correct lighting.

Selection Of Furniture, Lights, Textiles

The possibilities to set up are almost endless. My competence is to capture your ideas and integrate them into the interior design concept. When selecting a product, it is not the individual item that counts, but the overall picture of the compilation. In addition to ergonomic and qualitative aspects, I am looking for products that provide the right accent. Unlike retailers, I am not committed to any brands. I use handcrafted and international suppliers.

Budget interior designers in Bangalore with high quality matching your style. Total home interior decorators in Bangalore. Walk in for a free design consultation today. Book now.

Functionality And Sophistication Are The Basis

Whether it is floor plan draft plans, technical execution plans, installation plans and consortium - a mature technical planning forms the basis of an effective project implementation.

Experience Is Required

The emergence of hotel and catering projects goes through several phases of planning. The basis is the floor plan function planning, in which our knowledge of processes, seating capacity and logistics flows.

Free living space Are you lucky enough to own a penthouse with a rooftop terrace, a balcony or your own garden? We also include open spaces in our design concepts, so that there are interesting visual axes and relaxed lounge areas that expand the feeling of living in the green. Where temperatures allow, summer is not only lived outside, but also cooked and slept. Stylish outdoor kitchens are more than suitable for barbecues and make every garden party a must-have event. For those who want to dream under the starry sky, we navigate unerringly through the variety of relaxed garden furniture collections. It does not matter how big their patch of green is, but how we optimally “furnish” it, so that the interior and exterior merge into a harmonious whole.

As an industry specialist, we offer all the necessary planning services, whether detailed and execution plans, installation planning or planning for authorities.

  • • Preliminary Design
  • • Functional Planning
  • • Space Concept
  • • Gewerbeeinreichpläne
  • • Execution Plans
  • • Installation Plans

The use of Interior Designers & Interior Decorators in Bangaloreis not only a matter of course for large projects - simply because there is a wide range of product and quality expertise, more creative and timely style alignments for interior design projects and interior design advice, great project and coordination experience and corresponding price advantages. All of this offers our customers enormous advantages and security and enables excellent decision-making bases for the increasingly important area of living and working. For these reasons, the demand for interior design in Austria is now developing strongly. In times of sustained increases in property prices, home staging is also an increasingly important topic. The enormous variety of the range, the materials and surfaces and the need to give style, harmony and character to individual and original living justify the commitment for interior designers under practically all budget requirements. We have special services and support offers for start-ups with lean budgets.

You will also find our range of services in connection with interior design and furnishing advice.

Many customers already have an idea of their ideal interior. With my expertise and passion for interior design, I transfer this vision into the room. While stylistic certainty and creativity are required for concept development, execution needs an eye for detail. With these different strengths, I reliably guide you through all phases of the design process.

Interior Design Project

Depending on the spatial situation and context, I offer complete solutions or my support in individual phases. Whether in the context of a renovation, new construction or a partial redesign, I consider my tasks holistically and with a close eye for details and cost efficiency. The interior design project runs in the following processes: interior design concept, cost estimation, design elaboration, project implementation

Get expertise in Design, manufacturing, delivery & installation all in one place. Get affordable & low-cost interior solutions from top interior designers in Bangalore. Price Match Guarantee.

Realization Down To The Smallest Screw

From the first idea to handing over the keys. Our many years of experience in interface coordination and optimization enable an efficient project process.

In addition to private living, we also design interiors for hotels and restaurants with our wealth of experience and our passion for traveling and enjoying. Corporate architecture for shops and trade fair appearances is also becoming increasingly important in our work and office space. Because not only international top brands know that the image of a brand is strengthened through architecture and interior design, and signature interiors also have a positive effect on sales. Brands and products are integrated into the interior design in a variety of ways and made tangible.

With reliability and precision - our in-house workshop offers technical and professional competence that makes us effective.

Effectively Implemented

Interfaces are optimized by us - everything runs like a bottleneck that draws a common thread.In addition to structured construction management, production and assembly supervision, we also offer artistic management as well as delivery of the facility and / or complete implementation as a general contractor. With our all-round support, we give projects the necessary security. Timely planning of deadlines and adherence to them are particularly important to us and necessary for a smooth project process.

  • • Project Coordination
  • • Interface Optimization
  • • Site Control
  • • General Contractor
  • • Logistical Processing
  • • Schedule Monitoring
  • • Internal Workshop
  • • Central Contact

Interior Design Concept

In a first conversation, I get to know the premises and your personal situation. I get information about your requirements, wishes and your habits in relation to living. Based on this knowledge, I develop an individual interior design concept.Professional interior Decoratorsin Bangalore and get design your Residential, Commercial spaces with our service experts.

Structured Floor Plan

I'm starting to structure the floor plan. It is important to define zones for retreat and rest, and to define space for socializing. A project is not always a completed architectural plan. At this point I can point out possible changes in the room in order to create the optimal framework for your interior. To make my ideas clear, I create colored drawings, mood boards and material collages.

Cost Estimate

Depending on the budget, I develop a cost plan to give you clarity about the financial investment. Financial risks can be reduced in advance through empirical values and the target prices obtained. I try to identify all costs in advance and inform you immediately about possible additional costs, and depending on the financial situation of the client, I recommend to include a buffer for these costs.

Top Home Interior designers in Bangalore for 100% Customized Interiors, 5 Years Warranty. Company with 30+ Years of Experience and 5500 completed projects.

Our Creative Agency

For us, design does not only mean interior design, because every company and every restaurant have its own character, which in the best case is also reflected in the corporate design. Upon request, our creative team will develop a successful corporate design that fits perfectly into the overall concept.

TASA Interior Designerspecializes in commercial, corporate and residential interior design. Interior Design Company in Bangalore with over 30+years’ experience.

More Than Just A Logo?

The corporate design can be found in many areas of a company. In order to create a recognition value, it is necessary to create a coherent corporate character, quasi a personality of the concept. The aim is to use colors, fonts and a uniform visual language to design an effective overall concept, which extends from the interior to the logo to the menu and the website.

The story behind a company can also be expanded. With sophisticated storytelling, the philosophy behind each brand can become the basis for many other design elements. Social media, printed matter or other digital advertising media profit from a good corporate identity.

Corporate design and identity from our company are therefore directly related to the architecture of each company and thus create a harmonious, well-thought-out connection between all stylistic elements.

  • • Naming
  • • Logo Design
  • • Slogans
  • • Photography & Video
  • • Image Editing
  • • Print Design
  • • Web Design
  • • Merchandising
  • • Advertising Materials
  • • Social Media

Interior Design & Decorate

  • • TASA Interior Designer is an interior design and design studio founded by Sunil based in Bangalore.
  • • We offer interior design and interior design, as well as product and furniture design and styling for shop, hotel and residential projects. We create unique spatial experiences and individual design solutions. Our know-how and commitment paired with our individual approach and sense of space, detail and materials distinguish us.
  • • We are active nationally and internationally, on projects of various sizes and uses.

Design Celaboration

Once a good interior design concept has been developed, I start with the detailed elaboration. In cooperation with specialists, technical details are worked out, natural dimensions are checked and dimensions for orders and production are also defined. It is also important to think through all functional and design details to the end.

Lighting Design

Proper lighting is an essential factor for feeling comfortable in rooms. To do this, it is necessary to compare existing conditions with the room function in detail. The effort for later corrections can be avoided by taking the interior design concept into account at an early stage of the construction phase. In addition to the right lighting conditions, I then determine which lights best suit your style and functional requirements.

Talk to Our Interior Design Specialists Today to Bring Life to Your Home. Consult Now!

Decoration And Unique Works Of Art

We also attach great importance to the bathroom in our work. In the trend of recent years, it has shed its shadowy existence and, with openness, special materials and exciting details, has conquered more space in our apartments. We stage it as a private spa and relaxed retreat where we can take care of our bodies, recharge our batteries and let ourselves go. Let us convince you of our designs and interiors and how diverse we as interior designers implement the topic of wellness.

Our artist crew puts the finishing touches on many projects with individual paintings and the design of art elements.

Individuality Is A Sign Of The Times

Innovative decoration and original painting straight from our studio. Our artistic team gives expression to your projects and puts the finishing touches on the atmosphere.

Not just "off the shelf" - individually created unique pieces from our studio are original eye-catchers.

  • • Painting Painting
  • • Sculptures
  • • Individual Art Elements
  • • Wall Designs
  • • Greening
  • • Light Installation
  • • Decoration
  • • A Lot Of Love To The Last Detail

We are TASA Interior Designer - passionate creative, fun-loving playful but with common sense. Our team has many talents and different characters that complement each other perfectly. Together with our customers, we write success stories.

We translate our customers' corporate design into tailor-made interior design concepts. We combine our customers' corporate philosophy with their brand and product goals. Because values, brands and products have to be perfectly staged to address the target group. Our goal is to create places of encounter between people and brands that emotionalize visitors and confirm their trust in the brand.

Interior Design Project - Project Realization

During the interior design realization phase, I coordinate craftsmen and suppliers. I make sure that the project runs smoothly so that you can devote your time to other things. A network of engineers and suppliers supports me with technical questions and with the execution.

Coordination of craftsmen, suppliers and engineers

The project can run smoothly if there is good communication between the contractors. This phase often turns into an adventure without support, as project management takes a significant amount of time. It is important to plan which activity must be completed on which day and which work will follow next. I coordinate construction meetings, motivate and take care of a tight organization right down to the last second.

Artistic Director

In the course of the implementation of the interior design project, decisions are constantly required and made which affect the end result. In order to implement the interior design concept in detail, several weekly inspection visits are required, especially against completion.

Quality Control Before Handover

After completing my work, I check the delivered quality and execution. The last claim of a craftsman or supplier is only due after my approval. These controls take place continuously, after all every single step count. The final inspection is yours after completion. That is the moment when work turns into fulfillment for me and I happily leave it to your new home.

Get your dream house designed by the best interior designers in Bangalore. Ideal homes with perfect combination of both aesthetics as well as function. Book now with TASA Interior Designer. 100% personalization. 5000+ happy customers

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