The Effective Guide for Study Room Design

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The Effective Guide for Study Room Design

Having a good study space is very important to make your study effective. But when you ask people where do they normally study, the most common answer will be lying in bed with my laptop propped on my knees. If the answer is also the same from your side, then consider revamping your study space. Here is what all the study room design that you need to know about.

Why it is Important to have an Effective Study Space Staying Focused

Once you get into your study space, you will automatically get a feeling that this place is perfect for studies. The well-designed space will keep you focused on your studies. By staying focused, you can learn effectively and quickly. If you have a better focus, then you no need to hire a private tutor or repeat a class.

Staying organized 

The other major benefit of having a study space is staying organized. In your study space, you can have all your study supplies around you so you will not get distracted by moving for every simple thing.


Having a private study space will helps in retaining more information. This will enhance the chances that you will keep information. The study area will also help in handling your exams much easier and help you remember all the valuable information.

You can bale to study in comfort 24/7

Not every environment is suitable for studying. You may require reliable internet and comfortable seating. Most importantly, you need the most comfortable and calm environment. By having a separate study space, you can achieve all these things. Regardless of the time, you can make the most of your study time in your study space comfortably.

Effective Step to Build Study Space in Your Room

Remove all Distractions

Initially, you can start with what to leave out and then add things from there. The things that put you in a studious mood will completely vary from person to person. Besides this, some common things that you should avoid are video games, your phone, messy food/ drinks, junk food and others. The main gold to create a study space is to maximize the attention, so do the necessary requirement.

Have Easy Access to Everything

Moving for every simple thing here and there might divert you from studying, so it is important to have easy access to everything you need before your start. The required things can be divided into two sections, such as essential and optional items. Some essential things are comfortable, yet ergonomic chair, computer if necessary, index cards, textbook or e-reader and other optional items like whiteboards, dry erase marker, healthy snacks and others.

Pay Attention to Lighting 

Mostly sunlight will make you energized and get you excited but not for everyone. You can try to set your table near the window to have some natural light coming from it. Other than natural lighting, you can also use some artificial lights to study in darkness. Lighting is very important, so you can experiment with various brightness levels and colour temperatures until your find the right one.

The Best Lighting Ideas for Your Study Space?

Table Lamps and Desk Lamps

You will find many options for lamps that you can incorporate into your study space. Having table lamps and desk lamps will be a great option that helps you to make yourself active even at night. It will be even better if you prefer adjustable desk lamps since they will allow you to move the neck or head in various angles to illuminate a particular area of your desk.

Wall Mounted Lamps

Wall-mounted lamps will be the best option for those who love to read books and magazines in their bed. If you have a small room where you cannot make a separate space for studying, then you can obviously go for wall mounted lamps.

Recessed Lighting 

It is another option for direct lighting but only if you are in your own house and have an electrician on hand. This type has evolved into a trendy way of adding light to bedrooms, and recessed lighting is best for implementing general and ambient lighting.

Pendant Lighting 

It is becoming more popular mainly due to its flexibility and its contemporary aesthetic. Pendant lighting gives you direct light and is sturdy as it’s fastened to the ceiling. It will also add a fabulous design feature to your room.

Tips and Ideas to Design your Study Room

Wall to wall cabinetry

To focus on your studies, you might need a cluster free space. The cabinets not only serve as storage for books but also other items like paper rolls, boards, additional stationery items and others. Having a wall to wall cabinetry will always keep you focused on studying.


If you have a single child, then you will not face any issues since the entire room is for them, but what about if you have more than two children? It will be difficult for you to make them study together in the study room so partitions will be the best option. It is a cool way to make your child focused on their study, and also it creates a private zone for your child.


For sure, you will know what your kid is fond of, so designing according to their mindset and preferences is an essential aspect. You can design their study space by painting their favourite colour, a favourite painting, poetry and other things. Customizing the study space as per your child requirement will always keep them motivated.

The seating 

Seating is one of the most important parts of your study space. There are different types of seating where every type serves various purposes. For instance, cushions are ideal for project works down on mats.

Four Paint Colour That Best Suits for Study Space

Off-white Colour

Having calmed and neutral colours are like off-white is one of the best-suited colours for study space. Off-white colour will create positive feelings and keeps the studiers engage. Based on the wall colour you can also find the other furniture wisely.

Red Colour

The red colour will enhance storytelling and evokes emotions from annoyance to serenity. You can add your favorite shades of red to increase creativity and create a sense of alertness. Simply being in the presence of red enhances concentration and awareness.

Blue Colour

Painting your walls with one or two shades of blue colour will inject a sense of calmness into your study space. It will be very useful during exam times since it will keep you calm. The colour blue is associated with freedom, imagination and inspiration. To add a sense of vibrancy, you can combine blue with natural wood colour.

Green Colour

It is the most restful and relaxing colour for the human eye, and the shade of green is also helpful in improving vision, stability and endurance. The green will create a calm and productive environment for you to study effectively. You can also use a mix of darker and more vibrant hues of green to add visual interest.

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