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Tips to Make your Balcony Space more Effective

The balcony is nothing but having an external extension of an upper floor of your house and other buildings. The main reason for having a balcony is to have extra space in your building. Many people like to have a balcony in their place, but most of them don’t have an idea about who to make their balcony space more effective. Take a look at some tips to make your balcony space more effective.

  1. How to Maximize Your Balcony Space

  2. Extend the Indoors into the Outdoors

One of the effective ways is to design your balcony as an extension of your indoor space by using similar flooring materials. By introducing weather-resistant furniture and fabrics, you can use your balcony as an outdoor room. If you like to have privacy, then you can consider adding some tall plants, curtains and others.

Add Function

You can also use your balcony space as a semi-outdoor play for your kids. But before making them as a play area, ensure it is secured and enclosed with a grill. If you have quite a large balcony, then you can add a home bar or outdoor kitchen. You can also transform your balcony into a meditative zone by installing some idols and bells.

Introduce Seating

You can add some outdoor sofas to create a comfortable seating area, and if you prefer little shade, you can install an awning. You can have a relaxing vibe with a daybed or comfortable swings.

Add Plants

Adding plants will help you in many ways in your day to day life. By introducing wall planters, you can have visual interest in your balcony. If you only have small balcony space, then try to hang planters instead of occupying the limited floor space.

  1. Things to consider when planning your balcony space

Be Clever with Space Too

When it comes to designing the balcony space, most people will go for outdoor furniture. But the only thing is, it will take up the most space, so it is essential to be realistic when planning how much seating is required. If you have a compact area, then try to go for stylish and multifunctional pieces like fold away bistro sets and others.

Make Your Balcony Work All Year Round

Planning for the balcony space that works best in summer as well as winter will help you in the long run. Consider selecting outdoor fabrics that are resistant to the rain and sunlight is a wise option. If you plan your balcony only to focus on a specific season, you will end up wasting money. So start planning your balcony space by considering all weather conditions.

Make your space look bigger

If you have a small balcony, then by positioning lights, you can create a larger-looking space. It is worth considering uplighting and wall lights for a casual and warm aesthetic look to attain it. It is also recommended to place or hang lanterns around your outside area. Making your balcony space to look bigger will give you a more breathable feel and pleasantness.

  1. Things to have in your balcony space

Hand a chair or hammock

Regardless of your balcony size, you can consider a hanging chair or hammock to create a laid back vibe. Ensure that the furniture that you use perfectly suits for all weather conditions. If you need some privacy, then you can also consider using curtains or other blinds.

Opt for folding furniture

If you only have a small balcony, then preferring folding furniture is the best option. For short space, try to install furniture that can be tucked or folded away when they are not in use. Utilizing these folding chairs and disappears to free up floor space.

Add some shade

When you install retractable awnings, it will protect you in any weather conditions. Whether it is rain or shine, the awnings that you install will protect you. You can make your balcony stand out by opting classic stripe or for a bold colour.

Opt for Floor Pillows

If you are renting the furniture, then no need to invest in outdoor furniture. You can get some colourful and comfortable floor pillows for your balcony that you can double duty inside.

Install Build in Seating

If you are looking to maximize your balcony, then you can opt for built-in seating. By installing a build-in bench seating, you can maximize your square footage. You no need to worry about high winds knocking over your furniture.

  1. What you Need to do to have a Private Balcony Space

Add Plants to your Balcony

It is one of the best ways to make a balcony space more private. Adding plants to your balcony space brings you not only privacy but also benefits your mental health. Having some plants in your balcony space will make your place perfect for relaxing and working.

Create Fabric Walls

If you opt for creating a fabric wall, then some sturdy fabric can endure extreme temperatures and rain. Ensure that the fabric is secured in place so that it won’t get grabbed up by the wind. If you want to make them stand out, then you can choose a solid colour fabric.

Add Some Curtains

You can also prefer some curtains that are capable enough to withstand heat, cold and rain. By selecting the curtains with this feature, you can easily block out the neighbours, especially the sun. You can also tie them up since they can also function as beautiful decor as you sit on the balcony.

Install a Decorative Divider

Decorative dividers will make a splash of colour and a bit of privacy to your balcony. When you install a decorative divider, you can easily move it around as per your requirement. The weather will not be the same all time, so when you have severe weather, you can bring them inside easily. The decorative divider will also offer shade so you can move it around with the sun will allow you to stay shaded throughout the day constantly.

  1. Which Plants are Best for your Balcony Space

Jade Plant

The Jade plant is one of the best outdoor plants that are fondly gifted as the friendship tree. Jade plants will not require any water and don’t burn in sunlight, and the Jade plant will survive the harshest of times.


Cactus is the perfect option for a bohemian balcony with a comfortable mattress on the ground. Some varieties of the cactus flower once a year, and Cantus is one of the best low maintenance balcony plants that most people prefer.

Desert Rose

Desert rose is one of the best flowering plants for your balcony. Desert rose will be the best option when you think a red or pink flower will put a smile on your face.

Boston Fern

When you hang Boston fern, then it will give a glorious look to your place. These plants are also easy to care for, and even if you take a long trip, this plant will still be as green as ever once you are back.


If you love Italian or Thai food, then have a basil plant on your balcony will be the best option. This plant will need some sunlight so you can place it along with other plants. If you water it sparingly, you can have the kind of herbs available for free. Basil is one of the best plants for the balcony, so you can consider using it.