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There is no doubt that your kitchen is the core of your home, no matter how many rooms you have. The diversified materials of this unit and modular kitchen accessories will allow you to organize and maintain sanitation in your kitchen conveniently.

There are cabinets and other minor elements in a part-and-parcel arrangement. Wall units and base units together form a modular kitchen.

The following advantages are associated with modular kitchens

  • Sanitary
  • Planning and Management of Space
  • Using space efficiently
  • Economical
  • Repairable

The working area must be smooth

It is essential to ensure ample space between the working areas for cooking, washing, and stocking to avoid clutching the area. The space should be 3 feet apart on a countertop to ensure smooth working in the kitchen.

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Make Quality A Priority

When designing a modular kitchen, you should not compromise on quality. It applies to all materials, finishes, and hardware. 

A kitchen is highly active throughout the day and through the years, so let’s aim for the highest standards! Instead of luxury kitchen fittings, pick something from a moderately priced modular kitchen. There are numerous options to choose from for selecting materials and fittings for your modular kitchen. These options enable you to create something that matches your taste, budget, and requirements perfectly and is durable, too.

“Every room tells a story. Let yours speak of elegance, comfort, and a reflection of your unique style.” david oswald

Ventilation is of the utmost importance.

Make sure to ventilate the kitchen to ensure fresh air and no fumes. Gas leaks and fires, among other emergencies, are easily handled with this device. Additionally, you must install a fan even if your chimney already has one. The kitchen is kept clean by eliminating any fumes from cooking.

Types of Kitchens

Galleries Kitchen

The platforms are on both sides of this kitchen plan. From an efficiency standpoint, this layout is the perfect layout. This layout reduces movements per task. A small amount of space between cabinets is disadvantageous because the room would feel crowded very quickly.

Straight Line Kitchen

Small, narrow spaces will often benefit from this. A single wall will house all the work surfaces in this design. Use a Linear assembly chain for a pleasant look. Not only will it save money, but it will also look stylish. It provides no adequate areas for work or storage with this kind of design.

Peninsular Kitchen

With this design, ample space can be fitted, with an independent counter convenient for breakfast or snacks. An open kitchen is an ideal place to use this layout.

L Shaped Kitchen

Modern kitchen designs in India are often like this. This design involves a platform that runs along two perpendicular walls. A kitchen provides the most comprehensive illustration of the principle of the work triangle.

U Shaped Kitchen

Designing for a large area is appropriate for such a setting. Using three walls as platforms to form a U shape, you can organize your workspace and store goods in plenty of space. As a result, if the distance between the media is too large, it will take a long time to travel from one platform to another during a standard cooking process.

An L-Shaped Modular Kitchen Example

There are floral printed tiles on this modular kitchen that enhance this space’s charm. Featuring clever storage solutions and soothing colors inspired by the sea, this kitchen interior offers spacious interiors for working and entertaining.


  • A pull of oil.
  • An under-skirt drawer.
  • A frosted glass cabinet is available.

A Parallel Shaped Modular Kitchen Design Example

Yellow and grey are the colors of the Pantone Design Colour of 2021 for this parallel-shaped kitchen. An attractive tiled backsplash complements it.


  • The backsplash is patterned tiled in yellow and white, making this space fun and bright.
  • An overhead cabinet and base cabinet with no handles gives the appearance of seamlessness.
  • To break up the monotony of cabinets, install open shelves for small souvenirs or jars.
  • The design of the space incorporates a chimney that keeps smoke from entering the space.


Choosing the right kitchen interior designer in Bangalore can be an expensive project, so you should give it a lot of thought and research before choosing. You can customize, eco-friendly, and functionally design your kitchen with our experts.



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