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In metropolitan cities like Bangalore, 2 BHK flats are the most popular choice. The trend of 2bhk apartments is rising in popularity as more individuals are distancing themselves from joint families and relocating to metropolitan areas as tiny families.

Getting an apartment in a central metropolitan area like Bangalore was a huge deal a few years ago. People are leaning toward customizing their home interiors to make their residences delightful and lovely now that flats are readily available. The need for 2BHK home interior designers in Bangalore has undoubtedly contributed to the rise of this.


Different themes used in various rooms can give a pleasant look to your place. Having a beautiful theme also allows for the employment of bright colors to keep the house looking cheery.


In a two-bedroom apartment, it’s pretty usual for one or more rooms to be smaller than the others. The use of adequate colors can address the look and environment of your place.

Using Space

There are a lot of flats where there isn’t ample space for a dining area. In such a scenario, the designers frequently build a wall from a piece of the living room to create a dining space.

Interior Design of 2BHK Home

This stylish 2BHK is ideal for style-conscious city residents. The space-saving furniture fills much too much of the interior with utility. The right combination of bright colors like yellow and green gracefully breaks the monotony of subdued colors and provides the proper balance.


For a clutter-free cooking experience, a modular kitchen with several pull-out sections, drawers, ceiling cabinets, and shelves is available.

  • This kitchen has a flowery tiled backsplash that brings an aesthetic touch.
  • A dining area with a marble-topped table, four green-cushioned chairs, and a gorgeous glass front bar unit with an open wine rack.
  • A living room with textured yellow wallpaper on one side and an entertainment unit on the other.
  • The living room’s functionality is complemented by a comfy sofa and a bookcase, while the golden-framed coffee table and elegant mirror wall hangings tie the design together.
  • A green and white bedroom with a bit of study area for a pleasant work-from-home environment.
  • The room has enough storage thanks to a floor-to-ceiling closet with sliding doors and a loft space.
  • The marble floors and pendant light give the space a luxurious feel.
  • A bed and a floor-to-ceiling cupboard in the master bedroom. The LED-lit accent wall elevates the bedroom’s elegance.
  • The fall ceiling makes a remarkable statement with cove lighting and two pendant lights on either side of the bed.
  • Discover a vanity cabinet with two drawers and an open shelf in the master bathroom. The shower is isolated from the rest of the room by a glass wall. The wall mirror provides additional room for toiletries and other necessities with hidden storage and open shelves on each side.
  • White and slate hexagonal wall tiles used in the other bathroom. 


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15, 11th Cross Rd, near ICICI ATM, Banjara Layout, Horamavu Agara, Horamavu, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043

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